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Kryptulip is an investment platform that connects inventors and new technology enthusiasts. It associates NFTs (non-fungible tokens) with IP assets. Inventors design the rewards they will offer in exchange for the purchase of NFTs by investors. Investors can thus contribute to the emergence and development of new technologies that are important to them, and profit from attractive returns on investment.

Investing in a Kryptulip NFT allows inventors to find support at a critical moment in the development of their innovations. This financing boost allows them to go faster from idea to market. Such financing allows, for instance, to accelerate developments, to improve technology, to expand the IP protection abroad,... You can directly support technology you care about and that will impact your future. In addition, rewards are associated with NFTs: you will stand to be the first in line if the technology breaks through. You will be able to benefit from a significative ROI if the technology emerges to compensate the support you are offering. Finally, stay up to date to the major stages of the technology's development and, in a way, be part to the product team.

Once I have invested, I will benefit from the rewards according to what has been agreed with the innovator. For example, rewards can be an annual compensation, taking place on the anniversary date of the signature of the contract between the innovator and me. All these conditions are exposed in all transparency on the innovator's technology sheet, and are contractualized by way of a smart contract.

Environmental protection is a major issue at Kryptulip. We have decided to decarbonize transactions by dedicating a part of the profits to allow carbon offsetting of blockchain transactions. Moreover, the chosen technology allows us to limit the carbon impact compared to traditional NFT technologies.

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